Pre-Departure Coaching involves working through the changes facing the employee prior to departure and addressing them systematically. It can involve individual or group coaching either on or off site, and typically has a specific time frame. Whether it's planning what they will be doing on a job search due to a future reorganization (they'll be thinking about it anyway, so structure it in the company's best interests) or defining what a "good retirement" means, you can contain the corporate time and money spent on the next phase while being an ethical employer and making sure that you meet the results and the timetables you've set.

Whether the departure is good news (retirement) or less good (restructuring), the company will benefit from Pre-Departure Coaching because:

  • Productivity is maintained at a steady level until transition

  • Morale of affected employee(s) and remaining colleagues is improved

  • Knowledge is transferred of critical work/history/intellectual property content prior to departure

  • Corporate word of mouth reputation and media coverage are enhanced resulting in reinforcement of the brand and improved recruiting in the future

  • Customers and sales levels are retained

Knowledge transfer is proving to be a highly critical part of Pre-Departure Ccoaching. Losing customer relationships and intellectual expertise can take years to regain. Lassiter Consulting has systems to maximize and retain information as individuals move on.