If a company wants to grow and thrive, all employees need to be growing and thriving while in their current jobs. If a 20 year employee is doing the same job 20 times in a row, your company will ultimately suffer. Having the right mind set is the first step towards growing in place. Having a plan is the second. Lassiter Consulting has programs and systems that give employees both, then launch them into action that improves their own productivity and that of their company.

There are 8 ways to grow in a company, and a promotion is just one of them. Set up a meeting to go over the options. Giving employees choices and ways to think about growth when the seat above them is not open is a wise strategy. You're building in motivation and helping the company grow at the same time. Combine the constraints on upward mobility with the reality of constant changes of employees, companies, and the marketplace, and the need for "Growing in Place" is an option you'll want to have.

Lassiter Consulting has designed successful programs, workshops, coaching and materials for Growing in Place™. If you want to:

  • Retain your high performers, especially those that recruiters will target

  • Build competencies in current assignments for new ones

  • Integrate new and retain current employees post merger or acquisition

  • Build morale and goal orientation of current employees post-downsizing

  • Evaluate the potential of an employee for a different assignment while in the current one

  • "Wake up" employees with high seniority that don't re-think how they could be improving

  • Increase corporate productivity and results

Let's talk. The performance of your organization is too important not to. Contact Pam Lassiter, Principal of Lassiter Consulting, at 617.267.7105, .